Best Electric Shavers Reviews – Top 10 Hottest List for 2017

Men are always in search of a good grooming tool whether it’s a simple comb, hair gel/spray, trimmer or best electric razor for men. Humongous amount on time gets drained in finding the right fit. Sometimes even after a long research the item one decides to get does not suit him well. There is a even startling challenge in front of ladies who want to give these intimate grooming tool to her man. They really spend days or may be weeks in frustration to find the perfect item.

Market is filled with several different electric shaver and all boast of some unique feature. It is really very difficult to find a decent shaver, which can satisfy ones shaving requirement and which is worth of money too. In this article we are trying to make it easy for both men and pretty ladies and we have tried to give details of all the pros of cons of best shavers. Also as per your skin and hair type you can figure out which one suits best to you.

In this article we have summarized 10 best shavers available in market. Some are high end product, some are budget and some are for the starters. Overall this article will give you a good idea of what can be your next shaver.

Best Electric Shavers 2017

Braun Series 7 790/799cc Electric Foil Shaver

This is the best electric razor in the market, Braun series 7 790/799cc features an elegant noble metal grey color and is a combination of traditional and advanced foil-type shaver.

Only difference between these two is that, 790cc is only dry while 799cc is both wet and dry shaver. It has floating blades and is equipped with Intelligent Sonic Technology that helps in adjusting the shaver head and blades as per contours of the face and neck.

It comes with three personalization modes, which is basically three speed setting to get a close shave as per your skin and hair requirement. It can be used in shower to get wet shaving and it can also be used for a quick dry shave. Normally it takes two or three passes over some areas to get a clean shave. Irritation, post shave is really very minimal.

You can simply rinse it in water to clean it. It can work with both 110V and 240V which makes it practically universally. It has higher vibrations (thus more noise) and that can be little annoying to some.

It comes with a rechargeable battery and that can hold charge up to 50min of shaving. Battery can be charged in 1 hour.

There is also a fast charging option for battery. Additionally it comes with a power cord and it is smart enough to switch to main power if battery is low. LCD shows the status of battery. LCD also shows hygiene status or notification if foil needs to be replaced.

Braun series 7 uses Optifoil design, which is a unique design that’s made to snip off more hair at one time and to trim closer to the skin. It promises the closest shave over other Braun shavers or other brand names.

The head is contour adapting so that it will shave easily over jaw line, and down the neck. The foil is built with three different cutting elements to trim the shortest hair to the longest hair. This shaver is built to have 10,000 micro vibrations per minute that will capture hair with each stroke of the unit. Short or ingrown hairs are easily captured and shaved down by a patented built-in middle trimmer.

It can cut flat lying hairs efficiently using its patented Active Lift technology. If you want the dry shaver and do not need the Cleaning system you can grab a Series 7 720 for a great price.

This shaver measure 6.25 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches and it weighs approximately 2lb. The design of this shaver is pretty stylish. Its body frame is waterproof. In terms of attachment it has a precision long hair trimmer to trim mustache, sideburns, and beard more accurately.

It also comes with a travel pouch for safe storage. What makes it really great is the added cleaning and charging dock station. It does dual function. Put the shaver upside down in the holder and it cleans the shaver itself with an alcohol based solution that kills 99.99% of germs, it also lubricates the blades and at the same time it recharges the battery. Cleaning cartridges need to be replaced after 2-3 months.

Braun shaver has two year warranty. It is costlier than other brands.

​best electric razor for sensitive skin

Braun Series 9 9095CC Wet/Dry Shaver

Braun series 9 is an upgrade to existing very popular series 7. Series 9 includes five options: two are wet/dry and other three comes with cleaning dock system. 9095cc is a wet/dry shaver and comes with 5 stage Clean and Renew system, a cleaning brush and a protective travel pouch.

It is a beautiful looking, sleek and has ergonomically designed grip. It has a digital display to show all great indicators.

One of the main upgrade from previous series is that it has a new shaver head. Series 9 has a new Syncro-Sonic pivoting head and it comprises of 4 separate operating elements. Head moves in almost all direction effortlessly and can cut any hair in part of face effectively.

This floating head ensures a clean and smooth cut in the tough areas like the upper lip, chin, neck and side burns. Two are shaving foils and two additional trimmers: Hyper lift & cut trimmer and another one is, newly added, Direct and Cut trimmer.

Each element operates independently and gives an ultimate response to facial and neck contours. First trimmer lifts and cut mainly flat laying hairs almost similar to Braun Series 7.

Newly added trimmer helps in cutting sparse hairs and hairs with no specific direction in one pass. Again two – three passes are enough to get a close shave and there is very minimal or almost no skin irritation.

It also has three personalized setting and one can set them as per their skin and hair needs.

Optifoils, which are super thin, are designed to cut even the shortest hair efficiently with the cuttling holes and 40,000 cutting actions per minute. Sonic technology reads the contours of face and adjusts head and cutting action as per beard density.

The cleaning station is effective enough to clean every single hair from the shaver head. The Braun shavers which have the letter “CC” after the model number have a cleaning and charging station with the shaver. The cleaning system is alcohol based.

 It not only cleans the shaver head, but it also sanitizes the shaver. It fully dries it, lubricate it, charge it and make it complete ready for next use. All series 9 shavers are water proof thus they can be cleaned in running water also. It has Lithium ion battery and for one hour of charge shaver last for full 50minutes. LED display indicates battery level, hygiene status.

It can be used corded or cordless. The shaver is a little heavy, but not difficult to operate. It is designed for comfortable use.

The body of this shaver is rubberized and it will be very difficult to slip it from your hand get damaged. Clean station is also little heavy and as with all cleaning systems, it is difficult to travel with one. Cost of cleaning fluid and cartridges need to be kept in mind as they will need regular change. Another one, 9040s comes without cleaning station.

Philips Norelco S9721/87 Shaver 9700

If you’re willing to spend more money on an exceptional shaving experience, the Philips Norelco S9721/87 Shaver 9700 may just be what you’ve been hoping for.

It is rotary shaver. It is both wet and dry shaver. 100% water proof with aquatic technology. Its shaving head can rotate in at least 7 direction to give you a clean shave. Blades are also self-sharpening. It is good in cutting ingrown hairs also. One of the best choice for sensitive skin. It is one of the best rotary shaver to give close shave. Lithium ion battery.

Three shaving heads. Each head works separately.he travel case has a ventilation chamber, so your shaver will still dry on the go. There isn’t always time to wait for it to dry before you need to leave in the morning.Insert the alcohol-free conditioner in the base of the unit, and insert your best foil shaver upside down, and push the lever down.

All you have to do to keep your shaver new is to press the button. It has replacement head indicator, cleaning status indicator. Travel lock indicator.

It has three speed settings. Speed can be set based upon skin and beard type. People have suggested it can be used to shave head and chest hair too. Looks of this shaver is premium, black.

It comes with a smart cleaning system, which can charge, lubricate, clean and dry the shaver. It has a digital display for battery and different indicators for status of cleaning.

Cleaning is very easy and fast. It comes with power cord to charge also. Cleaning system is little bulky and like other systems it will need regular maintenance, changing cartridges.

This shaver comes with contour detecting technology which helps in identifying facial contours and it adjust its shaver head accordingly for best shave. Since it can tilt, rotate in various angles and directions to it makes shaving in jawline, neck etc. Very simple and it does not cause irritation. It also has V-track precision blades which collect and cut hair as close as manual shaver. These blades are mainly useful for thick coarse hairs.

It comes with a separate beard trimmer and it can be attached to main shaver by removing main shaving head. Trimmer is precise and can be used to trim moustache, sideburns or goatee. Shaver does not make much noise. 1hr of charge gives 50min of shaving. There is a quick charge option also. Comes with a travel case.

When your box ships you’ll find the following inside: the Shaver 9700, the SmartClean Pro cleaning and charging unit, one cleaning cartridge to get you started, an add-on Smart Click precision trimmer, the power cord, and a handy travel case so you can take your shaver anywhere with you.

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 is a high end cordless shaver. It is made in Japan and is of foil style. It comes in a premium black finish, ergonomically designed grip, slightly heavy/bulkier and easy to use.

It may be little less comfortable to use than Braun series7 but easy to maneuver. It has a large LED display to show battery status, cleaning status, hygiene status and similar other function. LED display on this shaver is a ten stage read out. It also comes with a charging and cleaning station.

Arc5 contains 5 ultrathin blades (or cutting elements) at approx 30 degree to provide a close shave.

This unique system also helps in cutting ingrown hairs and flat lying hairs. It has a pivoting shaving head similar to Braun series and similar lift and cut action. Motor works at 14000RPM and helps in cutting even the shortest of hair.

ES-LV81 comes with an assortment of three different foils system. One is the Life-Tech foil, second one is slit foil and third one is finishing foil. Life-Tech foil has reverse tapered edges to cut hair that lays flat on the face and is very effective near the chin region. The slit foil is targeted to cut long hair and beards to their desired length. The finishing foil cuts hairs that were missed by the others and ensures a perfect close and smooth shave.

The Panasonic ES-LV81-K has a pop-up trimmer for accurately trimming a beard, sideburns or mustache.

One good feature in this shaver is that you can lock up the shaver in case you wish to bring it with your while traveling and worries about it accidentally turning on.

Panasonic ES-LV81-K is 100% water proof and can be used both wet and dry. IN dry shaving it does not tug or pull the skin and shaving is very soothing.

Wet shaving is equally good and gives a traditional shaving feel. You can clean it in running water. The cleaning unit utilizes cleaning cartridges that are free of alcohol to minimize irritation. Cleaning unit has a quick clean mode called sonic vibration mode.

With one hour of charge it can last for 45minutes.

It is recommended to replace outer foil and inner shaver once a year. Package includes Panasonic ES-LV81-K shaver, a blade cover, a travel pouch and an AC adaptor. It is 6x3x2inch, 1pound weight and comes with two year warranty.

Remington F5-5800

Remington F5-5800 is a great foil style shaver that gives a great performance in affordable price. It comes in black and charcoal finish. The Remington foil head is built with its patented pivot and flex interceptor technology. By interceptor technology, it means that, it has a built in trimmer in between the two foils that trims relatively longer hair for easy cut.

While the pivot and flex technology allows the shaver head to move in all direction and adjust to the contour of face. This shaver can be used both wet and dry and is 100% waterproof.

You can rinse it in running water for quick clean. The top of the razor lifts off very easily and you just blow off the hair particles. Similarly the lower part of the razor where the cutting blades are – you just blow that clean too. So everyday cleaning just takes literally just a couple of minutes.

This shaver does not need more pressure to get a close shave. The handle of the razor also neatly fits into the palm of your hand.

Since it is a foil shaver, so it is best to move it in back and forth motion, while shaving. It needs three – four passes to give a clean shave and it can easily handle 3-4 days old beard. It is capable of cutting ingrown hairs. Shaver head follows the facial contours pretty well and gives a clean shave. Foils are made of steel. It does have a pop-up trimmer to trim sideburns, mustache or beard. This shaver is good in shaving head too.

It has a LED fuel gauge and that will let you know when you need to recharge your shaver.

Two hour of charging is good for 60minutes of cordless shaving time. Importantly this shaver can be used with cord too, which comes handy on many occasions. It has a 5 min quick charging mode also. It comes with two year manufacturer warranty. It is rated for 110V-240V which practically makes it universal.

It is 3.4x5x9.1inch and weigh 1lb. In short, if you are not much into fancy charging and cleaning station or other added accessories, Remington F5-5800 can be an excellent shaver for you in a very reasonable cost.

Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System

CoolTec shaver from Braun has some unique features and standout from other shavers that are best in class. Shaver comes in grey case with blue band around the top. Shaver comes with an anti slip grip to prevent it from any accidental damage. The Braun CoolTec can be used both wet and dry. It can also be used in shower as it is 100% water proof.

It is recommended to use it dry or just with water as using shaving gel/cream or foam can interfere with its functioning and performance. These gels are also incompatible with fluid in cleaning cartridges. You can rinse it under running water to get the hairs out or clean it using the cleaning system.

The Braun CoolTec is a foil shaver with two moving cutting blades. It’s made with a three stage cutting system, to ensure that all hair is removed from your face. Various other shavers come with five stage cutting system and this shaver lacks in that. But the shaving is good enough and its three stage system can give a close enough shave.

The shaving elements move smoothly over your skin and adjust to the facial contours pretty well. It also employs SensoBlade technology to handle hairs that grow in any direction. With this technology its cutting element cut off hairs, no matter in which direction they’re growing. CoolTec does provide a clean smooth shave. The Braun shaver also comes with a separate long hair trimmer for touching up long beards, sideburns and mustaches.

Coming to the unique feature of this shaver, which is the cooling technology. Generally with best rotary shaver skin gets warm due to all tug and pull and also due to shaver getting warm.

This unique feature keeps skin cool as you shave and skin will never be red even if you have a sensitive skin. During summer time, it is really worth. This shaver is specifically designed to use in face and neck region.

CoolTec technology employs an aluminum bar for cooling. It condenses moisture from skin onto the bar and provides cooling to the skin. This prevents irritation during shaving, minimize redness and burning. To activate this feature while shaving you have to just press a button. So it’s on need to use basis.

The LED display will show the status of the shaver. It also show battery status, charging status, hygiene status or if it’s due for a cleaning. It has a lithium ion battery. With one hour of charge it can last up to 45 minutes of shaving time. The cooling feature can be used for up to 15 minutes on one charge.

The Clean & Renew system is very easy to use. Cleaning system is alcohol based. You just need to put your shaver in the unit and press the clean button. System will automatically clean the shaver, removes grime, kills all the bacteria, dry it and lubricate the shaver blades and even charge it also. Cleaning cartridges need to replaces after 2-3 months. It comes in a fresh lemon scent. .

Package includes: One Braun CoolTec shaver, a cleaning and charging dock, one cleaning cartridge, a charging cradle, a travel bag, a smart plug and a cleaning brush.

Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 Shaver 2100

Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 shaver 2100 is an affordable shaver which also gives a decent shave. Though the price is less still there is no compromise on the quality of the shaver.

This is a rotary shaver and comes in black color with grey band. It has three rotary blades, simple in design, no frills, curved body and an easy grip. This shaver can only be used for dry shaving. That means if you can prepare your beard well ahead using any shaving gel, rinse it, pat try the beard and then use the shaver. It does not leave any post shave irritation.

It is a universal shaver as it can work on 110V-240V supply, so very intimidating for travelers. It has less shaving time with one full recharge. Charging time is also long. Its eight hours so better to keep it plug-in overnight. It can last up to 35 minutes of cordless shaving with overnight charge. Shaver can be used with a power cord though.

This shaver boast of CloseCut head that promise to cut more than 25% more hair in one pass than other brands of men’s shavers.

Blades of this rotary shaver are self sharpening, which means that they can last longer, and itself are enough sharp to avoid any tug or pull of skin/hair. It does have a pop up hair trimmer to trim off side burns, moustache, beards or any stray hair.

6948XL/41 shaver uses Philips patented “Flex and Float” system. What it does is that, it allows each rotary blade to move independently. They can change position depending upon bone structure of your face.

Thus it can be larger in some places while smaller in other as per the situation demands and each blade can follow the facial contours perfectly.

This allows it to catch more hairs in stubborn areas. With this technology it catches and cuts more hairs in pass thus less passes are needed to get a close shave and it should also reduce skin irritation and redness. Heads are detachable and some men may prefer to clean the shaving head separately in water.

There is just a on/off button along with a light to indicate charging status. Not much fancy in this front.

Cleaning this shaver is not difficult. Hair and particles can be removed using the cleaning brush comes with it. Be aware that you cannot rinse this in running water though.

Package includes: One Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 shaver 2100, a cleaning brush, a protective cap and a corded charger. The shaver is also backed up by Philips’s two year warranty and 45 days free trial period.

The Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 shaver 2100 measures 3.5 x 6.8 x 9.6 inches and weighs less than1 lb. Thus it is very light weight. This model can be considered as a good starting shaver for any person who is embarking into  electric shaver world and do not want to spend much money. This shaver provides full value for money.

Panasonic ES-LA93-K/ESLA63-S Arc 4

Panasonic Arc 4 series features 4 razor sharp cutting elements. It boasts of an extremely powerful motor and that happens to be dual motor and runs at 14000rpm, thus having four blades as compared to Arc5, does not affect its performance. Importantly this is a budget shaver thus a highly recommended shaver for first time users. It delivers clean, smooth, fast and close shave.

It features premium look and comes in shiny black color. ES-LA93-K Arc4 and ES-LA63-S Arc4 are almost same, only difference is that ES-LA63-S does not come with automatic charging dock and cleaner system, which should not be a big deal if you are using an  electric shaver first time.

Shaver can be cleaned manually and they can be used wet and dry. Manual cleaning is very easy as shaver head can be opened easily to access inside of shaver to clean hair particles and grime. You can just clean it under running water also. Cleaning unit can clean the shaver pretty fast and kills all the bacteria. It also adds a fresh scent to the shaver. Its cartridges are non-alcohol bases to prevent any skin irritation caused by alcohol based solutions. Cartridges need to be replaces after every 2-3 months.

Shaver has an ergonomic and anti slip grip. Construction quality is really high. Blades are made of medical grade stainless steel. Blades are placed at 30 degree to give a close shave. They catch and cut flat laying and small hairs very efficiently. Its outer foil is also thin to capture shortest of hair.

Two – three passes are sufficient to give a close shave. Pivoting shaving head moves so perfectly over the face and follows the facial contours so perfectly that cutting hair around chin area or jaw line is not at all an issue. Shaver head is designed not to give any skin irritation post shave. It does have a pop-up trimmer to trim side burns, trim moustache or beard. It also comes with a travel pouch.

It has lithium ion battery and with one hour of charge it can give a cordless shaving of about 45 minutes, which is good enough to last for at least 10 shaves. There is a quick charge option in case you are in hurry. It also has a LCD display which has a ten stage meter that shows battery status, charge indicator, hygiene status and when cleaning is due. Charging/Cleaning dock is little noisy.

Overall both Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc 4 or ES-LA63-S Arc4 shaver perform well in both wet and dry shave scenarios. They can shave with thick or thin, sparse or dense, with or even against the natural grain of your hair with equal comfort and precision. This series is a good starting shaver for anyone who is trying to explore electric shavers.

Braun 390S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver Series 3

This shaver from Braun is budget Foil shaver yet effective. It does not have all the frills of higher end Braun shaver but do its basic job i.e. shaving, in a splendid way. Design and build is good, quality is nice, black matte finish with blue band below shaver head.

In terms of price point it comes at the similar price at some entry level low end foil shaver but in terms of quality and performance is far more ahead than them. As usual with Braun series, Series 3 does come with different variants but the basic functionality among all the variations remains same.

Braun Series 3 380S-4 comes with a protective case and precision lock but the 340S-4 comes with neither of these. Some other models come with a better LED display and a cleaning dock that charges the razor. These accessories just affect the comfort and ease to use the product as a whole not the shaving.

Braun series 3 uses SensoFoil technology, which helps in cutting stray hairs around neck areas and it effectively, reduces number of passes on hard to shave areas. It does capture hairs that grow in any direction and cuts them.

It employs three cutting element to do the job and they really gives a very clean and close shave. It also comes with a middle trimmer that helps in cutting hair that lays flat and also helps in trimming side burns, moustache and beard.

Braun series 3 may not be very effective for thick beard or you need to apply more number of passes to get a good shave. Shaving some areas like under the nose, the bottom lip and the neck, can be a little problem with this shaver.

It comes with Lithium ion battery and one full charge can last for 45minutes of shaving. It also has a battery indicator and a quick charge option too. It can shave while plugged in.

This shaver can be used both wet and dry. It can be used in shower. Shaver can be cleaned in running water. Models which come with cleaning dock can be easily cleaned using that. It clean and lubricates the shaver.

This shaver is little bulky and weigh over 2 lb. It measures 6 x 2.25 x 2.5 inches.

Braun has stripped various high ended from this series but kept the high end functionality intact in this series. It can be easily one of the best electrc shaver for budget available in market and has two year warranty on it.

This ends the compilation of 10 best electric shaver available in market. Keep in mind that new models are announced every month so some better models may become available in coming month but that does not change the key performance and shaving experience of these shavers. So pick a shaver of your choice and dive deep into the world of electric shaver. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.