Finding the Right Electric Razor

Finding the Right Electric Razor

Compared to blade razors, electric razor offer great convenience to your shaving needs. You do not need to pack a gel of shaving cream in order when traveling and you can always shave quickly when in a hurry. You can use an electric razor in the shower and you do not need to mind about being nicked when using this product.

However, they are not cheap. You may have to part with $50 to an excess of $200 for a good electric razor. The reason for this cost is the need to change the blades, heads, and foils from time to time. As such, the maintenance cost makes these electric razors cost you a lot more than blade razors. The convenience, however, is what makes the cost worth. Once the battery is not able to hold the charge, you will find that replacement of the entire electric razor is cheaper than replacing the battery. Therefore, how do you find the right electric razor for your personal needs.

Most models once tested offer a 30-day money back guarantee. The manufacturers are aware that your skin needs to adjust to the new shaving method that is offered by the electric razor. Regardless of choosing a foil type of rotary shaver, you need to give yourself a three-week period for trying out your skin to the electric razor shave method.

Here are some of the factors to consider in finding the right electric razor for your needs. Initially, you need to choose between rotary and foil cutting blades. Eventually, you will realize that there is one that suits your personal needs. Regardless of being a woman or a man, you can experiment on each of the blades that comprise the electric razors.

Rotary Electric Razors

These shavers have three to four floating heads that are designed to glide over the contours of the face or the part of the body that you shave. Additionally, they have cutters that provide a spin movement behind a grind that is fine. Rotary shavers are easier to clean and tend to be quieter compared to foil shavers based on various tests performed.

Foil Electric Razors

This type of shaver has a floating head that is created to help glide over the face contours or the body part that you wish to shave. It is also fashioned in a manner to oscillate behind a screen that is perforated. When tested, the foil shavers are only better than the rotary shavers by a little bit.

Electric Razor Features to Consider

It is imperative to check the manual for instructions and details before use.

Battery Chargers

The battery may take 1 to 12hours before it is fully charged. It also provides seven shavings before it is drained. Some models can provide at least one shave after charging for five minutes.

Low battery warning

There are some electric razor that show a charge indicator in form of an LED light when the battery of your gadget is low.

Automatic shut off

Once the battery is fully charged, the charger of a good electric shaver should shut of for your convenience as well as energy savings. However, there are those electric razors that require manual shut off after the battery is full. The reason for the shut off is that you prevent the battery from reduction of battery life.

Power cord

In case you forget to charge your electric razor, there are those shavers that allow you to shave while the electric cord is plugged.

Ease of cleaning

There is a small cleaning brush provided for most electric razors. Other models allow you to rinse the shaver clean. Additionally, there are those models that provided a self-clean system that helps pump a sanitized liquid through the cutters of the electric razor.

United States or International voltage

There are electric razors that you can get from abroad that allow you to shave without a converter. All you need to do is confirm this at the outlet where you get your required electric shave.

Wet and dry shaving

You can find a model that provides for a shave while in the shower to save on time.

Long hair trimmer

In case you have long side burns or long hair elsewhere in your body, the right electric razor will provide convenience for the type of shave that you need.

These among other factors should be considered when getting your preferred electric razor that will provide convenience for all your shaving needs.