Shaving Solutions

shaving solution 1One of the top complaints of men is that they are not getting close enough shave. We bet that it will be hard to find a man who is completely satisfied with his shave. In general men learned shaving either from father or You Tube or sometimes from friends too.  But no matter what, shave seems to be non-ideal and not so perfect. Roughly men spend $2 billion in shaving products and still they cannot get the ultimate satisfying shave. It appears that all are looking for the missing magic. In this article we will be stressing on this issue so that one can have a better understanding of art of shaving.

One can break shaving into three phases. First is preparation, where you prepare your skin and hair for shaving. Second is doing the shaving using a shaver and third and final one is healing the skin post shaving. All these phases are important and different accessories are used to finish these phases in perfection. These accessories can be a shaver, shaving cream, even water or after shave lotion. It is useful to understand the ideal way of using them also knowing their benefits.

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Let’s try to understand the basics of shaving tools so that one can get the missing magic from their shaving.

1.      Cutting element/Blades: Shaver comes in various models and varieties. Some shavers are specifically designed to shave sophisticated or tricky areas, some to avoid nicks or razor bumps. But for better shave, in general more blades means closer shave. But the design of shaver head is also critical. It should be flexible and should be able to adjust its blades according to face contours. Having some different features depending upon type of hair will be an added bonus.

2.      Water: Washing beard with warm water clears dirt and sebum from face and also makes hair soft since hair protein “keratin” gets soft with heat. It makes shaving easy. Some men take steam and that also help.

3.      Shaving cream/gel: Shaving gel greatly helps in shaving. They also minimize redness and irritation post shaving. For sensitive skin gel with Aloe-Vera helps. Usually gels are alcohol based as alcohol helps in cleaning but it may dry your skin. Some comes with Vitamin A&E and that is also good for facial skin as it moisturizes and exfoliates skin.

4.      Brush: It is advisable to use brush instead of hand while you put gel or cream on face. Using brush softens hair roots as brush bristle reaches there. They also make hair stand up straight.

5.      With Grain/Against Grain: Preferable direction is with grain direction as against grain can lead to ingrown hairs. Many men find a better shave if they do with grain shave at certain portion and against grain at certain portion of face & neck. One need to try different combination to check what suits them best.

6.      Post shaving gels/lotions: It is always good to put post shave lotion or gel on face after shaving is done. It greatly reduces irritation, redness and heals facial skin. They also help in preventing bleeding due to any nicks but with advanced electric shavers it is almost impossible get a nick. But it’s always beneficial have a post-shaver healer in shaving supplies. Alum also prevents bleeding.

By understanding and utilizing above facts we believe now man have that missing magic to get the perfect shave and to feel the masculine shave.